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#SBS Win Anniversary

I am so hopeless at blogging!

I always feel that I am such a tiny part of the big wide world so why would people be interested in my little business. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do and want nothing more than to make others happy when they receive something I have made.

The world has changed a lot since I was a child, less and less people seem to take the time to say thank you, yet are quick to complain if they think they are losing out on something that would have seemed insignificant 50 years ago. The mindset now seems to be “I want so I will get by any means necessary?!” instead of “look at all the good things life has given me” like family and friends.

Anyway, the reason for my blog (I always feel like I need a really good reason!), is that in just 3 days I will be celebrating my first anniversary as an #SBS winner! I cannot believe that is a year already!

I have made hundreds of new friends, met the lovely Theo Paphitis himself and joined the new #SBS Shop that was been created just a few months ago and is growing rapidly!

Today I have spent a couple of hours tweaking my website and aim to add more items to my #SBS Shop this weekend.

I wonder where I will be this time next year?

Here are some photos showing what I have been up to in the last few weeks

2016-07-19 14.17.51-1

Lavender Picking with Ariella Strings and Cathie’s Bags of Love

2013-02-20 16.20.16

Very sad loss of my old girl

2016-07-10 16.27.24

new rainbow make

2016-04-23 14.53.38

exciting new products in the pipeline

2016-04-23 14.53.46

we will be able to make these

2016-04-23 14.54.03

new boxed sets coming soon

PCG Sapphire - Charms by Joanna - Large [98929]

my new members badge

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