#SBS Winner

Well, all I can say is OMG! It has been a while since I wrote a blog as I am never too sure what to write. Today I have no excuse as this needs to be shouted from the highest rooftops!

I am stunned because I am one of this week’s #SBS winners!

If you do not know what that is then do please click on this link and have a read.


The last couple of days have been unbelievable! Sunday evening I tweeted to @TheoPaphitis and tagged #SBS and thought no more of it as I know he has about 450,000 followers and loads of people tweeting him within the time slot.

Monday evening my phone went from water drips when I receive Twitter activity to more like a running tap!

The first messages I saw were congratulations, I had quite a few tweets to scroll down to find the one that was Theo Paphitis ReTweeting my tweet! I had won! He only RTs 6 people out of all of the small businesses who have tweeted him the evening before.

I am so excited! I have already been chatting to some of the other winners and a couple of my friends won previously – onward and upward – let’s see where this takes me.

Like I said – soooooooo excited!

here is my original tweet

Jul 26:

loving my work – also raising money for with rainbow sales
Rainbow themed charms raising money for MK Pride

Rainbow themed charms raising money for MK Pride


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