#SOH To All Brides/Grooms To Be

Good morning all – sorry I have not posted a blog for a while again – I am hopeless at knowing what to post as I do not want to bore you.

#SOH who out there has noticed we are posting Sale Of the Hour at midday on Tuesdays on Twitter? Are you finding it useful?

Would you like to see more offers and what about the time? Is it good for you.

The lovely Sue at Ice The Cake started #SOH a few weeks ago and and we are tweeting our offers to help all of the brides and grooms out there who have the exciting task of planning their wedding.

I have also created a daily paper which is set to be published at midday every day. http://paper.li/CharmsbyJoanna/1372168167

I have created a poll about the paper, please feel free to vote. Comments and suggestions also welcome.

My World content should have news about the wedding world.

I have also included news from the world of Cancer Research UK as we are doing our little bit at Charms by Joanna every time we sell a #HappyBag.

Talking of #HappyBags we have 3 orders to complete for August and September this year. We will share details after these lovely brides have had their weddings as we would not want to spoil the surprise for their guests. The orders only came in about 3 weeks ago, mum was on hols for 2 of those weeks so we are sourcing fabric etc this weekend.

#HappyBags do not take long to make so do not be afraid to ask even if your wedding/party is only a few weeks away. We have plenty of plain fabric in stock for the Rustic bags and also loads of random fabric if you do not want them all the same.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you enjoy my new daily paper.


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2 thoughts on “#SOH To All Brides/Grooms To Be

  1. Ariella Strings June 26, 2013 at 11:00 am Reply

    Lovely blog! Enjoy your newspaper! Lots of info! Xxxx


    • Charms by Joanna June 26, 2013 at 11:13 am Reply

      Thank you Cheryl, I tried to include areas relevant to us all, I have also set it to look out for anything about Ariella Strings as well


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