TDN Management Winter Showcase and Sky TV

Hi – sorry for the delay, I finally found the time to blog about my wonderful time 1 week ago at The Sandbanks Hotel, Poole.

Last week I told you all about the hotel, now for the reason we were there in the first place The Event!

After the lovely welcome by the hotel and the TDN Management team who were setting up and sound testing etc here is my views on the event itself.

To find out the full details you will need to watch this space for details of when the programmes will be aired.

The event was organised by TDN Management and featured a small selection of the wonderful array of entertainers they had in store for us.

We were welcomed with a glass if bubbly wine and the sound of Simon William Page on keyboards.

The first act on stage was absolutely amazing! I had never been that close to bagpipes and never thought I would ever hear them indoors but we did! The Celtic band was Wight Hot Pipes and they were as entertaining to watch as they were to listen to. A great addition to any wedding or event with a Celtic theme.

We heard an electric violinist who has been playing since she was old enough to hold the bow and violin and put the 2 together.

There were vocalist ranging from Lisa Makk, Jaden Cornelious (Classical), Gemma Edwards (also Classical), Jason Allen (Swing singer) and Helena Mace (Jazz and other styles Singer).

There were also comedians and tribute bands, beautiful burlesque dancers Flaming Feathers, theatrical music show tasters and an amazing Hypnotist called David Days.

We were amazed by James Brown, a pickpocketand magician who even removed ties from his stunned “volunteers”, one of whom was the next act!

There were a few tribute bands. If you would like something that is the next best thing to the real bands for your event, then I can recommend the lads performing as Take That, if you would like some fun as well then I what about The Blues Brothers Elmwood and Cake. there was even a Lady Gaga tribute!

There was also an amazing function band called Funkty Dumpty – great for discos.

We watched a snake charmer who then showed us a little of what she can do with fire!

We also had a surprise performance from Kitty (X Factor) during the interval!

TDN Management have an extensive list of performers and entertainers on their books!

In my next blog I will share some details of the companies who also supplied items for the goody bags and some of the other sponsors involved in this amazing Winter Showcase.


Music themed to reflect the entertainment industry and blue to match TDN Management’s favourite colour – we put one in each goody bag


Following the blue and music theme – the photo shows a boxed set of wine glass charms, a hand decorated gift box for the bag and phone charm, and zip clip, and a single wine glass charm (which was individually packaged)


TDN Management loved the idea of music themed Happy Bags, sadly we could not find any blue fabric suitable so chose black and white.


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