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TDN Management Winter Showcase and Sky TV

Hi – sorry for the delay, I finally found the time to blog about my wonderful time 1 week ago at The Sandbanks Hotel, Poole.

Last week I told you all about the hotel, now for the reason we were there in the first place The Event!

After the lovely welcome by the hotel and the TDN Management team who were setting up and sound testing etc here is my views on the event itself.

To find out the full details you will need to watch this space for details of when the programmes will be aired.

The event was organised by TDN Management and featured a small selection of the wonderful array of entertainers they had in store for us.

We were welcomed with a glass if bubbly wine and the sound of Simon William Page on keyboards.

The first act on stage was absolutely amazing! I had never been that close to bagpipes and never thought I would ever hear them indoors but we did! The Celtic band was Wight Hot Pipes and they were as entertaining to watch as they were to listen to. A great addition to any wedding or event with a Celtic theme.

We heard an electric violinist who has been playing since she was old enough to hold the bow and violin and put the 2 together.

There were vocalist ranging from Lisa Makk, Jaden Cornelious (Classical), Gemma Edwards (also Classical), Jason Allen (Swing singer) and Helena Mace (Jazz and other styles Singer).

There were also comedians and tribute bands, beautiful burlesque dancers Flaming Feathers, theatrical music show tasters and an amazing Hypnotist called David Days.

We were amazed by James Brown, a pickpocketand magician who even removed ties from his stunned “volunteers”, one of whom was the next act!

There were a few tribute bands. If you would like something that is the next best thing to the real bands for your event, then I can recommend the lads performing as Take That, if you would like some fun as well then I what about The Blues Brothers Elmwood and Cake. there was even a Lady Gaga tribute!

There was also an amazing function band called Funkty Dumpty – great for discos.

We watched a snake charmer who then showed us a little of what she can do with fire!

We also had a surprise performance from Kitty (X Factor) during the interval!

TDN Management have an extensive list of performers and entertainers on their books!

In my next blog I will share some details of the companies who also supplied items for the goody bags and some of the other sponsors involved in this amazing Winter Showcase.


Music themed to reflect the entertainment industry and blue to match TDN Management’s favourite colour – we put one in each goody bag


Following the blue and music theme – the photo shows a boxed set of wine glass charms, a hand decorated gift box for the bag and phone charm, and zip clip, and a single wine glass charm (which was individually packaged)


TDN Management loved the idea of music themed Happy Bags, sadly we could not find any blue fabric suitable so chose black and white.


The Sandbanks Hotel

Good Afternoon All

Charms by Joanna had an exciting couple of days at the beginning of the week. We have been working hard to make 200 zip clips and 200 Happy Bags for an event organized by TDN Management which was to be filmed by Sky TV.

I will be doing another couple of blogs with details about the event in a few days. Today’s blog is all about the hotel.

We headed off early and left the snow behind as we travelled south, we took a break in Eastleigh (breakfast in Asda) and arrived at the hotel late morning. Here is a photo I took when we arrived


On Arrival

We could not check into our room until 3pm so we headed off to find Tara and Sian. They were busy getting things ready in the ballroom. We had also brought the chocolates supplied by Ice The Cake and set to work adding the goodies to the Goody Bags (also supplied by Ice The Cake). The items we took were a hit, especially the chocolate!

We then had time to spare until check-in. The staff were brilliant, they held our luggage in the office behind Reception and even took it up to the room for us at 3pm! In the meantime, they also let us use the pool so off we went. The pool was very warm but relaxing, we were in there about an hour just swimming and chatting.

We still had a couple of hours to go so we had shared a delicious pizza and portion of chips in the bar area then headed out for a little drive round. The tide was out so we could not go for a swim in the sea LOL

We headed off towards Poole following the water’s edge and found a beautiful boating lake and park so I took another couple of photos, I love the lamp posts along the Promenade.


Lamp posts along the Promenade

Here is a photo taken from by the park, such a beautiful view of the boating lake!


View of the boating lake from the road

We headed back to the hotel shortly after 3pm. After collecting our key cards we headed up to our room. We were at the last but one on that floor, so walked what seemed like miles to get to our room but it was worth it. Our bags were already there as promised by the staff and the room was warm and airy. We had a view of the sea, at a slight angle but definitely there. The window was huge so it let in plenty of light.

We had a coffee/tea and relaxed and chatted before showering and changing ready for the evening of entertainment.

The breakfast at the hotel the next morning was also worth getting up for. We could have had a full cooked breakfast, each one freshly prepared and cooked, however, we opted for the Continental. There was a good choice of cereals and a home made muesli which I had with a delicious vanilla yoghurt, and plenty of bread and jams as well as croissants and pain au chocolate. Tea and coffee and plenty of juice also on had to wash everything down. The menu showed there were also other choices available including fish and porridge.

Details of the evening event to follow so watch this space

A BIG THANK YOU to TDN Management for our invitations and the hotel for their courtesy and smiles.


Craft Fairs

Good morning all

I hope you are all well. I had some bad news the other day which involves a family member. In light of the circumstances I have decided not to plan to attend any wedding or craft fairs for the time being as I do not want to be plan anything too far in advance in case I am needed. I will continue to make and sell all of my items as I have no restrictions on making things so it will remain “business as usual” so please continue to contact me regarding any items you would like to see added to my website.

I will be adding more items to the website in the coming weeks so watch this space.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and remember laughter is good for you, it also lifts the spirits of those around you.

catch you later


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