GUBA Awards

Good Morning again

Following on from the MOBO Awards, I had a call from the GUBA Awards when they saw photos published on Facebook by the  MOBO Awards.

I agreed to supply then with 150 wine glass charms for their VIP Goody Bags. I had less than 1 week to make, package and deliver them. I decided a trip to London to deliver would be safer than posting them and I looked forward to meeting someone from the team when I handed them over.

Boy was I disappointed! Although they were answering my tweets and looking forward to be delivering, when I arrived at the Riverside Park Plaza Hotel, Embankment, London the Consierge RELUCTANTLY called the hotel’s events Organiser who was not even involved with the GUBA Awards, I had the name of the person to deliver to but he would not contact her! The Events person who came to collect them did not even say thank you! I handed over £450 worth of DONATIONS and that was all I got!

I tweeted to @GUBAAwardsUK after I stepped outside the hotel and did get a reply but I am guessing they may not have even been told by the hotel or even seen them at that point!

I was offered a complimentary ticket to attend the awards tonight but I not able to attend due to other commitments.

I am not on the website as a sponsor or even mentioned on Facebook!

Oh well – you live and learn.

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