Friday was a very exciting day for me. I attended my 3rd #SBS Winners event in Birmingham. Theo Paphitis and all of his team are committed to helping small businesses succeed. These events are free for us winners and we have access to information relevant to running a business, Theo is great at motivating us and this year, we had the pleasure of listening to how John Roberts created ao.com, along with the ups and downs of going up against the “Big Boys” to build a successful business that is known globally.

We were also lucky to get lots of freebies from the sponsors, the bag shows all of this year’s sponsors, each of them were also there to discuss any business opportunities that they could offer small businesses


#SBS Win Anniversary

I am so hopeless at blogging!

I always feel that I am such a tiny part of the big wide world so why would people be interested in my little business. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do and want nothing more than to make others happy when they receive something I have made.

The world has changed a lot since I was a child, less and less people seem to take the time to say thank you, yet are quick to complain if they think they are losing out on something that would have seemed insignificant 50 years ago. The mindset now seems to be “I want so I will get by any means necessary?!” instead of “look at all the good things life has given me” like family and friends.

Anyway, the reason for my blog (I always feel like I need a really good reason!), is that in just 3 days I will be celebrating my first anniversary as an #SBS winner! I cannot believe that is a year already!

I have made hundreds of new friends, met the lovely Theo Paphitis himself and joined the new #SBS Shop that was been created just a few months ago and is growing rapidly!

Today I have spent a couple of hours tweaking my website and aim to add more items to my #SBS Shop this weekend.

I wonder where I will be this time next year?

Here are some photos showing what I have been up to in the last few weeks

2016-07-19 14.17.51-1

Lavender Picking with Ariella Strings and Cathie’s Bags of Love

2013-02-20 16.20.16

Very sad loss of my old girl

2016-07-10 16.27.24

new rainbow make

2016-04-23 14.53.38

exciting new products in the pipeline

2016-04-23 14.53.46

we will be able to make these

2016-04-23 14.54.03

new boxed sets coming soon

PCG Sapphire - Charms by Joanna - Large [98929]

my new members badge


Good afternoon

As some of you may remember, I became an #SBS winner back in July 2015. For those of you who do not know what this is please click on this link for more details, you can search to see if other suppliers you know are also winners too (you will find me on there).

I had an amazing day on Friday #SBSEvent2016 !

The morning was spent networking with some of the many other #SBSWinners as well as an opportunity to meet some experts who were sponsors for the event so a BIG THANK YOU to them for helping make the day happen and for their continued support of small business across the UK.

Ryman Stationery




Red Letter Days

Robert Dyas

It was a very special day as I not only had my photo taken with the amazing Theo Paphitis, I also met the very person who created my favourite boxes The Really Useful Products, his name is Mike Pickles and what an amazing journey! Mike, Theo and also Holly Tucker who created Not on the High Street, ran a Question Time session in the afternoon. They all started out as a small business (like most people) so it was great to hear their stories and glean some excellent advice from them.

At the end of the day we had a goody bag to take home (photos attached). I will add my photo with Theo Paphitis to my website once it comes through.

Many people were staying at various hotels across Birmingham and there were a few different groups eating at various restaurants. I joined Dylan of Aqua Design Group, Chrissie of Amshire Solutions Limited, the lady who is Cover My Cast, (and this is where my useless memory for faces/names lets me down as her name escapes me), Kevin of KGC Engineering, a couple who make nuts and bolts more than just bits of metal GWR Fasteners and a few more where their company names as well as their faces have sadly departed from my head!

After an amazing day followed by a lovely pizza and lots of chatting at Zizzi’s I gratefully fell asleep in a comfortable bed at The Premier Inn, Brindley Place.

My #SBSEvent2016 day had come to an end! I was a little too nervous to talk to more people but vow to change that next year!

My excellent night’s sleep was followed by a lovely breakfast and a lovely chat with staff at the hotel. They made the experience all the better for their positive attitude and professional service so a big thank you to them too.

Here are some photos of my goody bag contents, also there were some blue cleaning cloths and an amazing jumbo sponge

Pricing changes

Due to the high costs of postage I am restructuring all of my prices. From now on postage will be shown separately.

I always send via 1st class post with the option to upgrade to Recorded delivery and am always happy to upgraded further.

My revamped website will also have a link taking you straight to the Royal Mail PDF file showing their current prices for those who cannot believe that the postage prices I list are genuine!

I will still be able to offer discounts for purchases of 10+ 30+ and 200+ of any one type of product and I always hand deliver locally at no extra charge.


#QueenOf Favours

I have started writing this blog at 2am Friday 11th September.

Why am I up so early you ask? I have to escapees to deliver to the airport so went to bed around 8pm in the hope of getting at least a couple of hours sleep!

You may recall I won #OrderOfFabulous from http://www.theroyalconnection.co.uk ? Well, as of around 8pm last night I became #QueenOf Favours too!

I will finish and publish this blog once I have my new badge but will include my #OrderOfFabulous badge too!

It is now a few days later and I now have my new #QueenOf Favors badge – woohoo!

Queen of Favours Badge_F

#QueenOf #OrderOfFabulous

Good morning, it is a little while since my last blog!

You may remember my blog last month where I  told you about my #SBS win from @TheoPaphitis? Well, this month has been just as exciting as I tweeted Andy Quinn of http://www.theroyalconnection.co.uk and won #QueenOf #OrderOfFabulous!

As soon as I have my badge I will post it onto my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/charmsbyjoanna

I am overwhelmed! Lots of new Twitter followers and new likes to my page as well as fast paced networking hours!

If you want to be in with a chance to win too then here is what you do

For women in business – Thursdays between 9am and 9pm send a tweet to @ADG_IQ about your business and make sure you include #QueenOf – read other people’s tweets and share/interact and keep your fingers crossed

For men in business – Tuesday between 9am and 9pm send a tweet to @ADG_IQ about your business and make sure you include #KingOf – read other people’s tweets and share/interact and keep your fingers crossed

Good luck and a big thank you to Andy Quinn for selecting me in the first place!


Some of you may already know this but I like to help others.

My mum raises money for Cancer Research UK so we attend craft fairs and I help promote her #HappyBags and over the years they have gone as far as Australia (maybe when someone lives on the moon we can send some there!)

I am also a MoSista helping to raise money for Mens Health Awareness by donating money from the sale of any item with a moustache.

And my latest one is MK Pride. They are local to me and I met the directors when they organised an LGBT friendly wedding fair a couple of years ago. I have started to donate a portion of the sale of any rainbow themed item. This can be bold as brass with rainbow coloured beads or very subtle with a heart charm that says “Rainbow Love”. Ether way I will donate some of that sale to MK Pride so anyone wishing to purchase something to help can contact me to discuss what they would like.

Here are some of the things you can purchase to help any of the above charities.

standard #HappyBags are £1.50 each plus postage satin and lace #HappyBags are £2 each plus postage £1 from every bag will go to Cancer Research UK

standard #HappyBags are £1.50 each plus postage
satin and lace #HappyBags are £2 each plus postage
£1 from every bag will go to Cancer Research UK

Helping to change the face of Men's Health

Helping to change the face of Men’s Health

Rainbow themed charms raising money for MK Pride

Rainbow themed charms raising money for MK Pride

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